Bill Heaney’s Notebook column

Where have all the flowers gone?

Levengrove Park in Dumbarton. Pictures by Michael Moffat.

There have been some really daft decisions made during the 50 years I have been covering the work of local government around here.

But there have been none quite so stupid and curmudgeonly as the SNP/Conservative/Independent-backed decision not to have plants or flowers in our public parks and open spaces.

Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz and the last evidence of snow on the Long Crags and Ben Lomond are melting in the sun.

It’s time to get out for a walk for the good of your health.

And where better to walk than down Levengrove or round Dalmuir Park or up around Balloch Park to take in the stunning vistas of Loch Lomond?

However, West Dunbartonshire Council decided a couple of weeks ago to make our area a dreich and duller place.

Where have all the flowers gone is a wonderful song which Marianne Faithful sung in the ‘Sixties.

In 2018, it’s the question people throughout the area are asking as they take their favourite walk around the parks and well kept cemeteries..

The decision comes at a time when £millions are being spent to “upgrade” Lovely Levengrove.

The green shoots of recovery are coming up with the crocuses.

Everything changes. It’s only natural.

What never seems to change is the fact that we are saddled once again with small minded councillors who consider depriving us of this pleasure is good for us. That austerity actually works.

Levengrove is Dumbarton’s front garden. Dalmuir Park is delightful. Balloch Park is beautiful and Christie Park is loved by the residents of Alexandria.

It’s time to get them back the way they were, a credit to the community and the staff who do the hard work in our parks and cemeteries.

 And don’t hang around until next year.

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