Council to blame for neglect of St Martin’s, say furious parents

Martin St school sign

West Dunbartonshire Council have allowed St Martin’s Primary School in Renton to become rundown on purpose, according to one parent at the centre of the campaign to keep Catholic education in the village.

Drew MacEoghainn, whose children attend St Martin’s, said: “The only reason we are being given for the desperate push to eradicate St Martin’s is that it’s not fit for purpose due to its deteriorating physical condition.

“Who, I hear you ask, is responsible for ensuring its physical condition is kept up to a decent, acceptable standard?

“That would be the very same council that’s using its run-down state as an excuse to close it.”

He added that it was the council’s fault that St Martin’s had been underinvested in for years.

Mr MacEoghainn said: “They have forced our teachers, staff and children to work and learn in poor conditions.

“In spite of this, our educational attainment has remained high.

“There is no question that they now want to close our school down and further attack the village of Renton.”

He added: “This may not be personal for the SNP, but it seems to be that way for the education department.

Martin's St PS in Renton

St Martin’s – parents say tiny school could be accommodated in new Renton campus.

“How else can you explain Renton’s children not being offered the same facilities as all other children in West Dunbartonshire?  We want a new school for our children and we want it in Renton as part of the new campus that it scheduled to be built on Main Street.”

The negotiations between the SNP administration and the parents as to the future of the school is ongoing.

The Community Party, to which Mr MacEoghainn belongs, yesterday (Sunday) issued the following statement: “We stand with the pupils, parents, teachers and staff at St Martin’s as they continue their fight to have their children educated in their wonderful village.  A new build is the only solution the Community Party will back as this was agreed unanimously by every person who attended their open meeting.  Solidarity with all those fighting this needless vindictive proposal.”

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