Anger is growing along with the grass as town becomes ‘a laughing stock’

West Dunbartonshire Council is on the receiving end of an ongoing barrage of criticism over its decision to halt flower planting and grass cutting in the community’s parks, cemeteries and open spaces.

Linda Speir, who took the attached photographs, said: “I’ve always been proud to call myself a “Daughter of the Rock’. As a town, we have so many assets: Dumbarton Castle, Overtoun Estate and beautiful Loch Lomond just a few miles away.

“Sadly, our town is becoming a laughing stock with the new grass-cutting (or not, as the case may be) policy.

“Surely these photographs, which show the best and the worst of this area, are not the way we want to present our town to the many tourists who pass through it each day?”

Miriam Evans said: “How sad and short-sighted this is.”

Linda replied: “It certainly is, Miriam. Our green spaces look neglected and we have lost most of our beautiful flower beds throughout the area.”

Dumbarton woman, Aggie Erskine, said: “The place is starting to look thoroughly neglected. There is a depressing, run down ethos building up, and unless there’s a change of heart, it’s only going to get worse.”

Linda Speir added: “I’m surprised at how quickly the place has taken on such a run-down look.

“It’s strange to see people out working hard to make their gardens look pretty whilst, at the same time, many of these same people now look onto overgrown and neglected surroundings.”


  1. Time for a petition Bill. I’m sure many local gardeners would have donated bedding plants and helped to maintain the beds. If only they had known what was happening. Something like that would unite the town. It’s so sad to see the grassed over beds at Levengrove.

  2. So not the bad, dangerous, inconsiderate parking, bad roads, money’s wasted on “improving” Dumbarton Town Center, and the Artizan Centre, the disgraceful state of the buildings throughout the entire Dumbarton high street, trees out growing out of control, accidents on a weekly basis at nearly all roundabouts in Dumbarton area, pavements blocked with cars, etc, not any of these? Just grass?

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