Sheep killed

Killer dog savaged two sheep at Garshake woodland site

Maryland Farm

Maryland Farm and fenced off Woodland Trust field above Garshake.

A Sheriff has handed out a serious warning to dog owners to keep their animals under control.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry imposed a £1000 compensation order on a Dumbarton woman whose dog savaged two sheep in a field at Maryland Farm above Garshake.

Jaqueline Wintersgill, of Garshake Road, was also fined £200 when she pled guilty to allowing her Akita-Rottweiler crossbreed to kill the sheep.

The dog is said to have escaped from a popular area for dog walkers which has been fenced off by the Woodland Trust to prevent sheep and cattle trampling newly planted saplings.

The fence was said to have been vandalised and that the dog had got into the field where the sheep were grazing because of the damage.

It was also said that the dog had been muzzled before it attacked “but the muzzle had fallen off”.

Scott Adair, on behalf of Wintersgill, told the court that a notice was already in place and that the dog had to be muzzled at all times and on a lead when it was out in public.  He did not challenge the £1,000 compensation order.

Sheriff Hendry said: “At the end of the day you were at fault. You have admitted that and your penalty will reflect that.”

Renton to Fruin 25

Dog owners must keep their animals on a lead (and muzzled) when out walking their pets. Pictures by Bill Heaney

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