Protest meeting

Balloch protesters agree to unite under one banner

By Bill Heaney

About 50 people turned up to protest against the so-called Flamingoland development at a demonstration organised by the Friends of Drumkinnon Woods.

They assembled outside the headquarters of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority at Carrochan Roundabout in Balloch.

There it was agreed to call a public meeting when all the organisations and individuals who are against the granting of planning permission in principle to the developers will merge.

They will form a single group to draw up a strategy in order to make it clear to the Park Authority, West Dunbartonshire Council and the Scottish Government, that they do not want the proposed Drumkinnon development under any circumstances.

And they do not want any of the land, currently owned by Scottish Enterprise, who are believed to have purchased it for a nominal £1 fee, to change hands.

Campaigner Louise Robertson said: “People in favour of this development claim it will bring jobs and prosperity to Balloch.

“We disagree entirely because we don’t want low paid jobs with zero hours’ contracts and low pay for our young people.

“The people of this area are fed up to the teeth seeing our young people being exploited in this kind of work.

“We want real jobs with good pay and conditions for this area, not seasonal employment which would see some people laid off for months on end.”

The Friends of Drumkinnon Woods will be collecting signatures for their protest petition against the development at the Balloch and Loch Lomond Highland Games on Saturday.

The date of the public meeting for forming the new umbrella organisation to collaborate and combine the reasons why they are opposed to this development is still to be announced.

STOP PRESS: There are three local groups Friends of Drumkinnon Woods, Residents against Flamingoland and Save Loch Lomond. Louise Robertson said: “We had a meeting with representatives from each group yesterday and as we all had some time to consider our options we decided that each group had the same objectives,but that we had different strategies to achieve this. We have agreed to share information with each other and to support each other in our objectives,but at this time we shall remain separate groups. We are aware that we will have to respond to circumstances we can’t foresee yet and shall review our tactics accordingly.”





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