Planning blunder

Park Authority in Cameron House planning debacle

By Bill Heaney

Public access to objections about proposals to create a new entrance for Cameron House Hotel at Old Luss Road in Balloch have been denied …

… because Loch Lomond and Trossachs Park Authority says the person dealing with the matter is on holiday and that they have no one covering this while he is away.

The Park Authority have told one of the principal objectors, Geoffrey Hull, who lives in Old Luss Road: “The planning officer (Craig Jardine) is on annual leave at present.  The planning support team have sent receipt acknowledgement letters for these submissions.  It is the planning officer who makes them available to view online once he has read them.

“Craig is due to return to work on Monday 16th July and will read them on his return.  I will forward on your concerns to Craig so that he is aware of your email.”

Mr Hull said that a review of the contributed document list today the 11th July at 10.45 shows 50 documents, the last one being published on 6th July.

He added: “I know for a fact that there have been submissions after the 6th, and the objectors have received confirmations.

“Please can you tell me why there are no submissions published since the 6th?

He added: “This does not explain why the objection from Benjamin Hull appeared on the website and then disappeared even though Craig is on holiday.

“Someone must have entered it onto the website. Whoever it was, surely they can post the others that are missing?”

The Park Authority had told Mr Hull in relation to an earlier omission on their that there had been “a file management error”.

Mr Hull retorted that there now appeared to have been another one.

He said: “An objection document was published online by LLTNP only to disappear three hours later, which was independently witnessed.

“This is now becoming a recurring theme, documents from as far back as Friday not going on to the system for public viewing.”

He told The Democrat: “The reason given and emailed to us by LLTNP was that ‘the planner’ responsible for the application is on holiday and he will be back on the 16th July.

“However, all objections have to be in by the 17th. The 17th is already an extended date due to their “scheduled upgrade” between the 16th and 19th.

“This all means that the system, for this application is not open for public inspection from the 6th July when the last document appeared on their system, to the closing date for submissions (17th).

“The whole process seems to benefit LLTNP and NOT the public who have a right to view these documents until the closing date for submission.

Therefore, the closing date should be further extended for a period equivalent to the planner’s holiday period.

I do not understand why there is not a stand in for holiday periods and why documents appeared and disappeared while he was ON holiday.”

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