It’s all happening in Helensburgh

Tractor doing a beach clean-up in Helensburgh and work in progress at Hermitage Park in Sinclair Street. Pictures by Fiona Baker and Rosemary Drylie.

By Lucy Ashton

Helensburgh is showing the way when it comes to providing a town fit for tourism and leisure in the 21st century.

Helensburgh Community Council’s Fiona Baker has kindly agreed to share some pictures of work in progress at Hermitage Park in Sinclair Street.

A sneak preview of what is on the cards for both local people and visitors has emerged from these.

Fiona told The Democrat: “Our fantastic landscape contractors Hawthorn Heights can be seen preparing the grass steps in front of the war memorial for seeding.

“Potatoes are growing in the flower beds to help clean and improve the soil until we are ready to start planting next Spring.

“The location of the new wildlife dipping pond is where the old closed toilet block used to be.”

On the seafront, resident Rosemary Drylie took a photograph of the unusual sight of a tractor doing a beach clean.

Rosemary posted the picture on the excellent Helensburgh Memories site on Facebook where it attracted more than 100 comments.

Alistair McKenzie was more than a little surprised. “I don’t believe it,” he said.

Pat Crawford witnessed it – “I saw it going on. We were dumbstruck! Also delighted!”

Robin Potter said: “Argyll and Bute Council are currently advertising a ‘beach cleaner’ position. I applied for it two years ago and heard nothing back and have never seen a ‘beach cleaner’ other than the volunteers.”

James Gillespie said: “Great stuff if all councils would clean their bit it would also help with the plastic problems that exist in and around the sea. Well done Helensburgh.”

David Chandler said: “We’re just back from a wee holiday down the Ayrshire coast and the beach cleaning guys are out every second morning with the tractors and litter collectors from Girvan to Ayr and beyond, great beaches.”

Eric Macarthur said: “I was in Rothesay last weekend and met a woman who goes out in Rothesay beach every day, walks her dog and spends an hour picking up rubbish … let’s not leave it to the Council, if we all even picked up a few bits of plastic every time we went to the beach it would make a difference.”

Alexis Wardle said: “I’m sure I remember years ago the tractors went on the beach most mornings.”

And Frances O’Brien-Barden confirmed this: “Yes, Alexis Wardle, I remember that and sand getting delivered on the beach too.”

And, from our foreign correspondents, Caroline Brown and Mhairi Macleod, there were these reports:

Caroline said: “Just back from Argassi, Zante, saw the beach cleaned in the evenings.”

Mhairi reported: “Cyprus too! Seaweed washed in and cleared away daily. Make our town proud!”

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