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Allan Little’s Big Interview:

Kamal Ahmed (who started his journalism career at the Lennox Herald in Dumbarton) is appearing at the Festival on August 12 at 17:00. Has Capitalism Hit the Buffers? is at the Baillie Gifford Main Theatre, £12.00 [£10.00].
Work hard, play by the rules and every year you will be richer. That’s the central promise of capitalism. So why are plenty of  hardworking people no better off today than they were in 2007? Could this be the key  factor that persuaded electorates in Britain and the USA to reject the status quo and opt for Brexit and Donald Trump instead? BBC Economics Editor Kamal Ahmed joins us for this keynote interview with Allan Little.

Ahmed Kamal BBC and Lennox HeraldFrank and Alan Little 2

BBC Economics editor Kamal Ahmed will be interviewed by Alan Little, who interviewed former US Ambassador Frank Meehan for a BBC television programme, Scotland’s Cold Warrior. Bill Heaney, whose book All Our Yesterdays, they are looking at above, wrote the story on which the documentary was based. 

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