Claim 60 per cent of Scots farmers voted for Brexit, Tories and against independence is Mostly False

Scotland’s farmers are facing an uncertain future as the Brexit negotiations falter, with the National Farmers Union leader calling a ‘no deal’ EU exit an “armageddon scenario” for the industry.

Ferret Fact Service was asked to check a widely shared text image on social media in recent weeks which made four claims about farmers in Scotland.

The image appeared on to the page ‘Yes to an Independent Scotland‘ and has received more than 1,300 shares. It claims those in the farming industry voted against Scottish independence, for the Conservatives, and for Brexit.

Scottish farmers – 60% voted No to Scottish Independence, 60% voted for Brexit, 60% voted Tory, 60% estimated to be declared bankrupt within a decade of Hard Brexit.SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHIC

Ferret Fact Service looked at this graphic, and found its claims to be Mostly False.

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