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Women hit out at McColl’s support for breast screening services to be switched from Vale  to Paisley

By Bill Heaney

West Dunbarton Councellors 2017

West Dunbartonshire Council leader Jonathan McColl came in for pelters from women at the weekend over his controversial statement backing Health Board plans to switch cancer services from Vale of Leven Hospital to the RAH in Paisley.

Women are enraged and have hit out hard and fast against beleaguered Cllr McColl, pictured right, – and the SNP administration which he leads.

Cancer patient Barbara Anne Brown was amongst the first to respond to Cllr McColl’s words, which many find unbelievable given that he is supposed to be backing a local campaign to retain services at the Vale.

Barbara Anne said: “I think this is an absolute disgrace. With cancer figures showing one in two people will develop cancer in their lifetime, why transfer services?

“I myself had cancer and still attend VOL hospital three times a year for annual routine check-ups.

“Moving services to RAH is a WRONG move.

“Going for treatments and mammograms are very stressful times, but to have to travel when you don’t have transport it going to add to the stress.

“The VOL cancer care department is fantastic. I felt like a person and not a number.

“I’ve attended RAH and [the] Beatson and spent more time waiting around, although I did receive 100% care.

“VOL was quick in their waiting times and very personal and homely which, during this time, is very much needed.”

She pleaded with Cllr McColl – “Please re-think your decision.”

It appears this is one issue on which the local public would like to see Cllr McColl doing one of his regular U-turns.

Barbara Anne said: “Finally, I feel the breast screening numbers will fall as people won’t be bothered going to RAH as its too inconvenient.”

Sandra Glover said: “What a shower of prats. [I am] trying not to swear.  Men can get breast cancer as well as women. This SNP council couldn’t run a ménage.”

Susan Court added: “[He is] obviously someone who hasn’t used the service, who hasn’t done research, who hasn’t spoke to the service users/patients and someone who doesn’t have a clue or care about the physical and emotional effects of those who attend the breast clinic. Yet again another decision to save money – but at what expense?”

Lorna Gray said: “In fairness most politician types just spout the party line current at the time – across all parties.

“[It is a] disgrace taking another service away from this area. (Hope none of them or theirs need any of these services).

“Recent advertising of services publicly missed out the whole of the surgical and endoscopy services offered, although we were assured GPs were given this info – which in my opinion is as good as missing it out altogether.”

Shirley Furie wrote: “Just when you think that the [council] administration couldn’t get any worse, I have a feeling we will end up with nothing left in Clydebank or Dumbarton.

“I would even say they have excelled in is running WDC into the ground.”

Ann Conroy said: “He [Cllr McColl] just opens his mouth and doesn’t think of the consequences. SNP should step in and remove him from his post before he does any more damage to our area.”

Betty McKillop, another cancer patient,  said: “It’s time he was thrown out. He’s a bloody eejit.”

Craig Denver said: “This current [SNP] party do not represent the wishes of the people in West Dunbartonshire.

“[They are] just like the Tories nationally.  I will vote for our country to be independent, just like I will not vote this SNP locally because they are not fit to represent us.”

Cllr McColl was not available for comment. He is part of the SNP boycott of The Democrat.

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  1. Very disappointed with the whole attitude of This Council. West Dumbartonshire is becoming very unsightly, But !!! To lose this Breast Clinic is another nail in the coffin off the Vale of Leven Hospital. Shame On each and every one of you !!!!!

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