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Twins double the fun at West Dunbartonshire schools this term

WDC Twins 2018The two times table might still not be on the curriculum, but these twins are all set to learn their numbers at school.

It’s double the fun this year as 14 sets of twins are ready to start Primary 1 across schools in West Dunbartonshire.

Ten of the sets of twins gathered in Dumbarton ahead of the start of the school year for a group photograph.

The 20 youngsters met new pals and classmates as they gave their new uniforms a test run on the new play park at Dumbarton Common.

The twosomes will be joining 894 children this year starting P1 on Thursday, 16th August and it’s clear the teachers are in for hours of fun.

Gathering for the picture were John and William Cameron (5) who will be joining Kyle and Luke Ternent (4) at Aitkenbar Primary; Aimee and Kian Bonar (5) of Edinbarnet Primary; Emily and Liam Deeley (4) at Gavinburn Primary; Bobby and Riley Lyberis (5) will be heading along to Knoxland Primary with Erin and Jock McGregor (4); Hollie and Olivia Robertson (5) of Our Holy Redeemer; Ava Grace and Reilly Edgar (5) at Our Holy Redeemer and St Kessog’s Primary School and Macie and Robbie McAllister (5) will be budding up with Aaron and Joshua Wilson (4) at St Mary’s Primary School (Alexandria).

Little Hollie Robertson said she and sister Olivia were excited to start.  She said: “We are going to OHR, we have a really nice teacher. We can’t wait.”

And mum Danielle Honeyman said: “They are more than ready for school. I’m anxious but really excited for them too – “We have lots of twins in our family, and it’s nice for them to start school together, they are best friends.”

Karen Conaghan, the Convener of Education, pictured above left, said: “Firsts are always special and the first day of school is something which is memorable to most. Being able to share that with a brother or sister makes it even better. Every child should get the best start to their education and the Council is committed to providing them with everything they need for a lifetime of learning. I wish every child starting school this year, as well as every youngster returning after the summer holidays, all the very best for the future.”

Caroline McAllister, Vice Convener of Education, pictured above right, added: “Starting something new is always a bit nerve wracking for children and their parents but they can be confident that our school staff always work extremely hard to help everyone adjust and start their education on the best foot. Primary school should be the best and most enjoyable time in our lives and I’m sure these twins and every child starting school this year will be have wonderful time.”

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