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Jim Bollan’s bid to cut council’s Big Brother act down to size

SNP leader Jonathan McColl and Jim Bollan. New council offices where the SNP like to keep everything under wraps. Pictures by Bill Heaney

By Lucy Ashton

A councillor has launched a bid to get Big Brother council West Dunbartonshire off the back of its workers.

Jim Bollan believes it’s wrong for the council to be looking over the shoulder of its 5,000 employees at their Facebook and other social media sites.

He wants the SNP administration to review its policy on social media which, he says, is “is too restrictive and infringes on an employee’s rights under Article 10 (Freedom of Expression) of the European Convention on Human Rights”.

That Act states that everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.

The review should be carried out in conjunction with the Council’s Joint Trade Unions with an agreed position being reported back to the November 2018 Council meeting, according to Cllr Bollan.

The motion which will go before the council next week has been predictably attacked by the SNP-run council’s leader, Cllr Jonathan McColl, who is behind a council ban on The Democrat.

The local SNP, including its two MPs, Brendan O’Hara and Martin Docherty-Hughes, are part of a boycott of the new Dumbarton-based digital platform.

Democrat editor Bill Heaney said: “It’s little wonder the SNP want kept out of the headlines at the moment since nearly everything they do here results in bad ones for them.

“Someone should tell them that doing the Big Brother act on it won’t help them. It’s censorship which has no place in a democracy.”

Cllr McColl says he won’t be supporting Cllr Bollan’s call for a review but that the SNP will come up with their own review later this year when he will give that his support.


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