‘Phenomenal’ Tory members who keep the SNP afloat are praised by McColl

Cllrs McColl, Page and Walker (with former Rangers manager Ally McCoist).

By Bill Heaney

SNP administration leader Jonathan McColl has praised West Dunbartonshire’s two Conservative councillors for their hard work as elected representatives.

Cllrs Brian Walker and Sally Page have filled almost two thirds of available positions on committees and other bodies.

Cllr McColl and his SNP colleagues have been calling on opposition councillors to join committees where they would be engaged in scrutinising their work and decision making.

Cllr McColl’s accolade for the Tories was remarkable since Cllrs Sally Page (Balloch) and Brian Walker (Dumbarton) campaigned vigorously on a Unionist ticket the council elections last year. Cllr Walker’s campaign publicity material included the poster, pictured below left, which said: “Vote No to Scottish Independence.  Protect Margaret Thatcher’s Legacy. It’s what she would want you to do. Better Together.”

Wallker Brian 3 with ThatcherThe SNP leader said he might from time oppose their policies – the Unionists almost always vote with the Nationalists and keep them in power – but they were hard workers and took up their seats on nearly two thirds of council committees.

Labour’s Martin Rooney and David McBride countered that they had filled their allocation and would not be taking any more from the Conservatives or the Community Party.

Cllr McColl said: “I think the Tories are making a phenomenal effort to represent those who elected them. There are others who don’t sit on any of the committees.”

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