Jackie Baillie MSP and Lady Smith.

An additional 17 care establishments have been added to the investigation by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry currently being conducted in Edinburgh by Lady Smith, including Lagarie House in Rhu, St Andrew’s School in Shandon and Cardross Park Assessment Centre.

Shocked by the news of this, Dumbarton MSP, Jackie Baillie said: “It is heart-breaking that children that were in care in Rhu, Shandon and Cardross were made to suffer such shocking abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to be caring for them. I hope that the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry’s investigation will bring a sense of closure for some of the victims.

“It is right and proper that the inquiry has been given more time to ensure that their investigation is thorough, but the inquiry will therefore need more resources. I hope that the Scottish Government will consider making extra resources available to help the inquiry with their additional investigation, not least to support the victims in telling their story.”

BBC Scotland’s new Disclosure programme’s investigation into the scandal that was Lagarie is here:

Meanwhile,  Jackie Baillie is calling on the Scottish and UK Governments to address the problems in our economy which are driving children and families deeper into poverty.

The number of children living in poverty despite having a parent in work has soared since the Tories came to power, new analysis from Scottish Labour has revealed. The analysis shows that the number of children living in poverty with parents who work full time has doubled from 10,000 to 20,000 since 2010.

The figures also show 40,000 children living in poverty in a two parent household, where one parent works full time, and 50,000 children living in poverty where the parents are in part time work.

The MSP said: “These figures reveal the true cost of Tory and SNP austerity. It is clear that our economy is not working for working people and there is a real need for these problems to be addressed.

“Labour would take action with an end to zero-hours contracts, an increase to child benefit and a £10 minimum wage. As well as tackling the housing crisis, we have a clear industrial strategy that would create well-paid jobs.

“Working people should not have to raise their children in poverty. It is about time both governments tackled these very real problems.”

And Police Scotland is joining together with employers in West Dunbartonshre as part of a new campaign focussed on tackling domestic abuse.

The initiative will educate local employers about the harmful behaviour associated with the issue in order to recognise them and raise awareness within the workplace.

Through collaborative working with partners to deliver education, training and the development of duty of care policies, Police Scotland aims to reduce domestic abuse in the area and encourage more people to report it.

The Golden Jubilee Hospital, West of Scotland College Campus in Clydebank, Aggreko and Chivas (Pernod Ricard) are all taking part in the training which will be facilitated by Medics Against Violence.

Representatives from the companies gathered at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel on Wednesday 19 September, 2018, for the first training day and to mark the launch of the initiative.

Detective Superintendent Calum Young said: “We all have a part to play in tackling this issue and local employers involved in this initiative are helping us send a clear message that there is no place for domestic abuse in West Dunbartonshire.

“Domestic abuse comes in many forms and is not only about physical violence. Controlling behaviour, emotional abuse and intimidation can also be serious factors.  This programme will provide companies with important information about the different harmful behaviour associated with this issue and how to identify and raise awareness of them. It will also educate employers on recognising signs that someone may be suffering domestic abuse and provide support to anyone in the workplace who requires it.

“This is an excellent opportunity for employers to make a positive impact in their community and we are looking forward to working in partnership with them to tackle domestic abuse.”

Dr Christine Goodall, of Medics Against Violence, said: “It is very encouraging that the police of West Dunbartonshire are being so proactive in engaging local employers around the issue of domestic abuse.  Medics Against Violence are delighted to be partnering with them in delivering this training, which we hope will raise awareness of a serious problem which continues to blight our communities.”

Any employers interested in joining the programme can contact West Dunbartonshire’s Divisional Domestic Abuse Unit via 101.

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