Submarine Command Dinner Group

Naval officers line up for a photograph after the dinner at Faslane.

Royal Navy Officers gathered in the HMS Neptune Wardroom at HM Naval Base Clyde to mark the anniversary of the Submarine Command Course.

Rear Admiral John Weale OBE, the current Rear Admiral Submarines hosted the annual event which is open to all officers, past and present who have completed the Submarine Command Course – known to all as ‘Perisher’.

Formal training for submarine Commanding Officers began in September 1917, with last year marking the centenary of the intensive course. Although still one of the most challenging courses in Defence, the training has moved with the times to keep up with the advances in submarine technology – everything from coming into the computer era and the change to nuclear power to advanced communications and cyber.

Through all the advances, the ‘Perisher’ remains a command and leadership course which aims to prepare the successful student for war in the most demanding and unforgiving of environments.

The annual dinner is an ideal opportunity for the Perisher community to get together and swap stories with colleagues who have all shared similar experiences of completing and passing ‘Perisher’.

It is also a chance to pay tribute to those officers retiring from the Service – this year saw Commodore Phil Titterton, Captain Charlie Reid, Captain Andy Bower and Commander Mark Lister move on to new chapters in their lives and careers.

Commander Jim McGuire, Commander Faslane Flotilla, who organised this year’s event said:  “It was an honour to be part of this esteemed occasion, and although on a smaller scale than last year’s Perisher 100, the event continues to highlight the achievement of all those who have successfully completed the course and what it means to be a Perisher.”

After dinner Rear Admiral Weale addressed the group, starting off with what the Submarine Service will be looking to achieve in the next twelve months and finishing by giving his personal thanks to those retiring, for their service as Submarine Commanders and Royal Navy Officers.

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