Campaign group says local development plans are ‘worthless’


This controversy is taking place up the road in Stirlingshire, but it is relevant to what is happening on planning issues across Scotland.

Which is why Emma McKerry, of the Friends of Drumkinnon Woods, who are currently engaged in a high profile campaign against a development by Flamingo Land in Balloch, has chosen to post it today on social media.

A group campaigning against a housing development in the Park of Keir, north east of Loch Lomond, says that local development plans are “worthless”.

And claims that this is because the Scottish Government “make all the decisions”.

The letter appears in today’s edition of the Stirling Observer.

Comments the post on Facebook has attracted include this one from Dave Cantwell: “There is no democracy in Scotland.  The fact Judy Murray is no longer involved in her Murray Centre is surely reason enough to have Kings housing scam thrown out.”

Lynn Watson said: “Dundee’s LDP2 was passed as ‘settled’ by councillors – before local folk were even consulted on sites which had just been added to it to be developed.

“The entire consultation on the LDP was sent wholesale to the Scot Government’s DPEA for the Reporters to decide what goes in – but they don’t consider every proposal, only where they think there might be a shortfall. Why bother responding to consultations?”

Maimie Paterson says: “It looks like the SNP just doesn’t understand democracy. Might as well dissolve the local authorities as they have no longer have any decision-making powers.”

Inga Bullen states: “The erosion of local democracy by the Scottish Government is very worrying. The Planning Bill currently progressing through the Scottish Parliament has been criticised by many communities for increasing the centralised control of planning when what is needed is more rights for the people who are adversely effected by new developments. This is especially true of building on green spaces which are then lost forever.”

But Christine Howe countered: “What changes did the Scottish Government make to the plan? Also has to be said that if the Scottish Government is providing 75% or more of the income of local councils, money that comes from taxpayers, not just council tax payers in the local council area, then perhaps they have a right to have some input?”

Drumkinnon woods protestors

Friends of Drumkinnon Woods protests against plans for Flamingo Land in Balloch.

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