Wheelhouse promises to take the helm of Kilcreggan ferry service

The old and the new – Granny Kempock and more recent ferry for Kilcreggan.

By Lucy Ashton

In a letter to local MSP, Jackie Baillie, the new Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands has reiterated the Scottish Government’s intention to transfer the control of the Kilcreggan Ferry service from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to the Scottish Government.

The letter from Paul Wheelhouse was a response to Jackie’s ongoing correspondence with the Scottish Government to ensure that the Kilcreggan Ferry service is taken into their control, which would bring it in line with all other ferry services across the country.

The Kilcreggan Ferry has seen a significant improvement in service since the contract was taken over by Clyde Marine in May. However, the service is still the only ferry service in the country to be operated by SPT whose speciality is in the operation of bus services.

The MSP said: “It is good news for Kilcreggan Ferry users that the Scottish Government have reiterated their intention to take over the operation of the ferry service.

“The service had faced significant difficulties under the previous operator Clydelink who continuously failed to properly invest in the service. It became so unreliable that users could not rely on the ferry to get them to Greenock or collect them again at the other side.

“I hope that, now the true cost of operating the ferry service is established, the Scottish Government will push forward with the transfer so that passengers in Kilcreggan have the same experience as other ferry users across Scotland.”

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