Royal Bank of Scotland refuses to install free to use ATM in Arrochar

Bank Arrochar

Jackie Baillie MSP pictured with Royal Bank representatives in Arrochar.

Dumbarton and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie met with representatives from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), including Managing Director of Personal Banking, Simon Watson, to discuss the need for a free-to-use ATM machine for the village following the closure of the RBS branch in 2013.

The meeting followed Mr Watson’s appearance in front of the Scottish Parliament’s Economy Committee which investigated the impact of bank branch closures on communities across Scotland. During the committee exchange the MSP raised the case of Arrochar and Mr Watson agreed to visit the village to discuss the issues.

Despite representations from the MSP and the local community, the Royal Bank of Scotland has not committed to installing an ATM machine in the village, instead saying that they do not operate stand-alone ATM’s as part of their business any longer.

Jackie Baillie has also raised the issue with LINK who are responsible for ensuring a good geographical spread of ATM machines across Scotland.

The MSP said: “I am, of course, disappointed that RBS will not install a free ATM machine in Arrochar. The village has been left with no access to free cash following the closure of the bank’s branch. RBS have closed a staggering number of branches across Scotland in recent years.

“Whilst RBS do provide a mobile bank branch to the village once a week for forty minutes, this simply does not replace a bank branch, or provide visitors and residents with access to free cash when they need it.

“The lack of access to free cash affects the local economy in Arrochar with visitors unable to spend money in the village when they visit. I hope that LINK can provide a suitable solution in the near future.”

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