Vale of tears as Alexandria won’t be getting a Christmas tree either


Cllr McColl, Santa McClaus and Cllr Sally Page.

By Bill Heaney

Christmas has come early for the SNP-Tory administration at West Dunbartonshire Council – but not in the pleasant way they might have hoped it would.

It has led to a row about Christmas trees and where they will be placed around the area in December.

The SNP’s budget statement said there had been a “huge” response to their alleged Budget consultation earlier this year.

And that one of the important things that had come out of it – not to mention a £10,000 saving from what had been spent in previous years – was a desire to have brightly lit trees in Dumbarton, Alexandria and Clydebank. It would spruce these places up for over the festive period.

But, as is their wont – and I am told we can’t blame the councillors for this – cack handed officials decided that the Alexandria tree should go to Balloch.

The decision is one that is delegated to council officials.

Now, while Balloch may be one of the five villages of Vale of Leven, it is not Alexandria, nor is it part of Alexandria.

Balloch just happens to be in the ward represented by Council leader Santa Jonathan McClaus and his Conservative propper upper, Cllr Sally Page (Nationalist SNP’s power would be greatly diminished were it not for the Unionist Tories who vote for them at almost every turn).

Cllr Page has been dubbed one of Santa’s little helpers by Renton councillor Jim Bollan and Community Party activist Drew MacEoghainn who are suggesting this is the SNP’s way of showing their appreciation of the support they receive from the Tories.

You really would think that the SNP would have seen this one coming and taken the road less travelled, which would have been to retain the status quo.

They will, in addition to the people of Renton who will not be getting a Christmas tree either, have the good folk of Alexandria upset about this most recent daft decision.

In Renton, Craigandro youth football club have stepped into the breech and promised that they will give the village a Christmas tree if the Council stick to their Scrooge-like decision.


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