Aimee 3

Top Highland dancer, Aimee Shannon from Balloch, Loch Lomondside.

By Liam Hay

Putting her best foot forward in the world of dance.  That’s Balloch teenager Aimee Shannon, who specialises in Highland dancing at the Hunter School of Dancing in Clydebank.

Aimee, 15, who is taught by Nicola Currie, is a busy girl and has competitions most weekends all over Scotland.  And she dances throughout the week at the studio.

She has recently been to Forfar and Cleveden.  At Forfar she won the 15-years Highland, the National and the Jig trophies.

And at Cleveden, Aimee was able to win overall Highland in the 15 years and over section.

Aimee has also done a team event with the Hunter School, achieved great things and has been commended for her teamwork.

Her mother, Lynn, said: “We are coming up to the end of a great season for Aimee.

“She has been in the top six multiple times in championships all over the country.”


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