Renton footballers run rings round Council when it comes to charity

Joe Mulvenna and Brian Gillies of Craigandro with Graeme Cowan and Wrights’ taxis cheque; Murdo and Willie Wallace with Celtic pals in Oz; Sir Billy Connolly and Sir Kenny Dalglish.

By Liam Hay

It’s a great game football for bringing much deserved credit to the sport in Scotland and acting as ambassadors across the world.

One of the greatest player if the second half of last century was invested with a knighthood today by Prince Charles.

Lawrence Keegan, a Celtic supporter, said: “Thoroughly deserved. Very humble and caring man as well as being funny. I remember he was one of the pundits at a Scotland game which Scotland won two nil.

“He was asked after the game if he felt, when Scotland scored their second goal, that the game was won? He replied even with a minute to go and two nil up I always think we could still lose.”

Kenny and his wife, Marina, have worked tirelessly for charity and were fantastic supports of the families of victims of the notorious and tragic Hillsborough Disaster.

Another big footy fan with a heart the size of size 5 ball is comedian Billy Connolly, who has special connections throughout West Dunbartonshire from Bonhill to Drymen.

He was a big fan of Loch Lomond for the fishing and got his yellow wellies wet there often.

The silverware Sir Billy was delighted to come back from a fishing trip with usually had fins, gills and a tail – trout and salmon.

Sir Billy, who once worked as an apprentice on Clydeside, has a common touch and a gift for making people smile.

He has shown remarkable courage since he contracted Parkinson’s, but he has kept people laughing all the same.

And he has raised large sums of money for the charity.

“Wow. I can’t believe I got to meet my hero. Sir Billy was so nice and he even gave me a kiss! I want to keep doing everything I can to help him and other people with Parkinson’s. It’s like the best Christmas present ever.”

That’s the reaction from our seven year old supporter, Abby McConnell from Mount Florida in Glasgow when she met Sir Billy  earlier today.

Abby was so inspired by her class project on Sir Billy, where she learned about his Parkinson’s, that she started raising funds for Parkinson’s UK. She set herself the target of £50 and so far has collected more than £1200.

When Sir Billy heard about Abby he wanted to meet her and invited her along to Castle Fine Art, Glasgow where he was preparing for the launch of a new exhibition.

Well done Abby – you’re a star and we’re looking forward to working more with you in the future. Thanks also to Sir Billy for inviting Abby along to show his appreciation of her fantastic achievements.

Football might never have got off the ground had it not been for the push it got from Renton FC, pictured below, who were founded in the 1880s and went on to win the World Cup.



The new football force to be reckoned with in Renton is Craigandro – a wee team with a big heart.

When they heard that West Dunbartonshire Council’s Scrooge-like leadership had decided Renton would not be having a Christmas tree this year, the club immediately stepped in.

“We’ll buy one ourselves for the good people of Renton,” said Craigandro president Brian Gillies.

Sympathetic supports of the club and local businesses soon put their hands in their pockets to help.

One of them, was Graeme Cowan of Wright’s Taxis who gave them a cheque towards Renton’s planned celebrations which have grown exponentially since the Tory-backed SNP administration decided they would not be contributing to the Renton Christmas Fund.

“This will be used to provide free selection boxes to all children attending,” said Joe Mulvenna, whose team have taken over the running of the Tontine football pitch and pavilion. They even cut the grass the Council decided to abandon.

And two former Dumbarton FC players, who played for Celtic and Scotland – Willie Wallace and Murdo MacLeod have been enjoying an ambassadorial tour to Australia with their fellow ex pros, Welsh international John Hartson and top goal scorer Dixie Deans.

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