Fighting Faslane submariners could end up in the dock

Base 3

By Lucy Ashton

National newspapers are reporting that a female office at HM Naval Base Clyde has been left with a broken jaw after a “rammy” involving submariners on a jetty at Faslane.

The woman is said to have required hospital treatment after allegedly being hit by one of the males.  It is alleged that a pair of junior seamen who came to help her were also beaten up.

The Daily Mail reports senior naval officers allegedly tried to prevent details leaking out and that they “forced witnesses to sign confidentiality agreements.”

But there was no hint of cover-up when a Base spokesperson told The Democrat: “We can confirm that the RN Police are investigating an alleged incident involving members of a Scottish based unit. As this is an ongoing investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The alleged incident is reported to have involved men from the sub HMS Ambush. A source said: “Three young male officers from HMS Ambush starting picking on the female officer and verbally abusing her.

“At first other crew on the dockside just ignored them but it went on too long and she was getting upset.

“The fight broke out when two juniors from HMS Artful stepped into protect her.

“The three male officers were really out of control, so I hope Navy chiefs kick them out [of the service].”

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