Safety probe in pipeline after Maid of the Loch’s scary slip-up

The Health and Safety Executive is to be notified after a paddle steamer due for restoration broke free as it was being winched out of the water.

Workers had to flee during the operation after the Maid of the Loch slipped its ties and slid back into the water.

The paddle steamer was later taken back to its normal berth at Balloch Pier and the operation called off for the day.  No one was injured.

maid concern 5

The Maid of the Loch was taken back to its normal berth after the operation was abandoned. Picture by Bill Heaney

A spokeswoman for the Loch Lomond Steamship Company (LLSC) confirmed that the refit would continue and an inquiry into what went wrong had been commissioned.

She said: “The Board of the Loch Lomond Steamship Company met this morning and have agreed to commission an independent inquiry into the cause of the incident.

“Appropriate consultants are being contacted and the incident has been reported to the HSE.”

The spokeswoman added that the phased refit of the ship would continue.

The £5.5m restoration project aims to transform the steamer and eventually secure industrial museum status.

The restoration plans include reviving the main and aft deck saloons to their original 1950s style and creating an education suite, as well as restoring engines and machinery.

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  1. Life as normal on board The Maid on the Saturday following. Most of the off- board connections have been established , and the, apparently indefatagable volunteers ,toil on towards their goal to have her sailing again . ( A wee bit down, and somewhat relieved) for sure , down but not out . )
    The many spectators on the day were generous with their donations showing on -going interest, and goodwill for the project .

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