Faslane based Royal Navy diving unit recognised for excellence

By Kim Hardie

A Faslane-based Royal Navy unit has received an award for being among the best in the Senior Service.

The First Mine Counter Measures Squadron (MCM1) operates seven Sandown-class mine hunters from HM Naval Base Clyde, deploying the ships and crews around the world to help protect important sea-lanes and keep trade routes flowing.

Each mine hunter has on board a team of dedicated Royal Navy Clearance Divers, capable of descending the depths to investigate and destroy maritime mines.

Yesterday, the divers from MCM1’s Crew 5 were awarded the Fleet Diving Unit Trophy during a ceremony at the navy’s maritime warfare school at HMS Collingwood in Hampshire.

The achievement, awarded to the crew for having “demonstrated the very essence that makes the Royal Navy Clearance Diving Branch the envy of the world” during NATO deployment, is doubly impressive as Crew 5’s divers are the first ship to ever receive the trophy.

Lieutenant Ryan Hughes, Crew 5’s Diving Officer, said: “I am immensely proud of every member of my team and the recognition they have been given.  We look forward to an equally successful 2019.”

Presenting the award was Rear Admiral Jeremy Kyd, the Admiral in charge of Royal Navy surface ships.  He said: “The Fleet Effectiveness Trophies remains the annual opportunity to recognise extraordinary success on the front line.

“Units receiving the trophy will fly the Fleet Efficiency Pennant for a year, highlighting the success of all those involved including the supporting organisations, friends and most importantly family.”

He continued: “It has been an honour to award these trophies and I offer my whole-hearted congratulations to the worthy winners.”

Each year awards are given to the ship or unit displaying the highest standards of excellence across the year.  For the next 12-months the winners are given the honour of flying a unique blue and white pennant signifying they are among the “best of the best”.

This year, winners of other categories included: HMS Diamond, RFA Tidespring, HMS Duncan, HMS Enterprise and HMS Argyll.

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