MT Rainey is at San Luis Retreat Hotel & Lodges in Hafling, Italy.

It’s been snowing on Ben Lomond and the Long Crags but not so much as you would want to write home about it. However, here’s a glimpse of the real thing. It’s a montage of photographs taken by Dumbarton woman MT Rainey on a glorious walk in The Dolomites today. MT writes: “Pristine snow and dazzling skies, gifted by a massive snow storm a couple of days ago. Silence, except for my own breathing (occasionally heavy), the occasional drone of a distant tractor and the rustling of snow melting from pine branches. I thought I was in heaven. Till I got back to the hotel and saw what heaven was really all about.” I think that may have had something to do with excellent food and fine wines, not to mention roaring log fires and a warm and comfortable place to put your feet up after a day out on the piste. Bill Heaney

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