Can I canoe you up the Lochside?

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Robert Ryan enjoying a fine day on Loch Lomond.

By Lizzie Healey

Ryan RobertWell kent local man Robert Ryan will be presenting a talk at the about the Loch Lomond Islands on Wednesday, February 27.

It will take place at the Helensburgh Heritage Trust meeting in Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre, 38 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh G84 7PG. He will be assisted by Richie Forrester.

The Rhu shop owner, pictured right, has entitled his talk The Loch Lomond Islands by Canoe.

Travel among them and learn their fascinating history with Robert, who formerly owned Ryan’s pet store in Dumbarton High Street and is also a life-long Sons’ fan.

Admission to the talk is free but there is a collection made for Trust funds (suggested donation £1).

Robert Ryan said he would be referring to the ruin of the ancestral castle of the Galbraith clan at Inchgalbraith and the ruined MacFarlane castle at I Vow, the island which was an 18th century prison.

He will also touch on the grave of Gregor MacGregor, buried in the churchyard of the 13th century church on Inchchcailloch.

He said: “You may not have heard of Gregor MacGregor, but you will certainly have heard of his nephew, Red Robert or Rob Roy MacGregor who would probably have been at the burial.”

Robert will also doubtless be explaining the Legend of Loch Lomond:

Waves without wind/Fish without fin/And floating islands

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