Provost says No to request for change of time for Council budget meeting

By Bill Heaney

The Community Party, with the support of the local trade unions, is calling on West Dunbartonshire Council’s SNP administration to change the start time of the next council meeting on 27th March 2019 from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

Trade unionist Sean Davenport said: “This meeting is of significant importance to the workforce and West Dunbartonshire community given that the budget for 2019/20 will be agreed, and we believe by moving the start time to the evening, it would allow a greater number of people to attend. We call upon this request to be agreed in the spirit of openness and accountability.”

Provost Hendrie, Cllr Bollan and the Burgh Hall in Dumbarton, where the Budget meeting will be held.

Councillor Jim Bollan had asked Provost William Hendrie if he would consider moving the meeting to the evening so that more people could attend at the Council Offices in Church Street, Dumbarton.

He told him: “I have been contacted by the Council Trade Unions regarding the start time of the above meeting. Many Council workers will not be given time off to attend the meeting at 2pm because of the requirements of service delivery.

“I would support their request to have the meeting put back to 6pm to allow as many of them as possible to attend, given the budget is being discussed.

“I hope this reasonable request can be facilitated in a spirit of openness and accountability.”

But Provost Hendrie told him: “As you will be aware, the Council’s budget meeting is always held at 2pm, and I see no reason to make an exception this year.

“Moving the meeting would disadvantage anyone who has already taken annual leave or who works shifts and has the afternoon off. In any case, the purpose of the public gallery is to allow people to hear what is being said at the meeting.

“Staff and the public can listen to the meeting when they finish work and hear what was said thanks to the recording facility put in place by the Administration. There is no need for anyone to take annual leave.”

The petition is being circulated online at

Trade unions protesting against budget cuts in Dumbarton.

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