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Are you posh? Even a wee bit? Do you love square sliced sausage but think it looks a wee bit down market on your Sunday morning breakfast plate along with the Stornoway black pudding, fresh eggs and Danish bacon? And mushrooms from M&S, of course? If Lord for tomorrow you do not pray for beans with your first meal of the day, then your reticence to put a sausage on your plate is all but over. Joe Callaghan’s, the big family name in Helensburgh butcher shops, has come up with a classy square slice with leek and Stilton through it. Yes, that’s correct. square sausage laced liberally with Stilton and sprinkled with leek. The leek idea must have come from its closeness to its St David’s Day launch date, or should that be lunch date? Give that man a daffodil. Anyway, here’s the “link” – geddit? – to a happy and fulfilling breakfast this Sunday. Call in at Callaghan’s the Butcher in Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, and just say “cheese” – and leek, of course. Enjoy. And get me one of their delicious steak pies while you are there. Bill Heaney

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