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Touch of the Scottish artist Jack Vetriano about the composition of this photograph, which was  taken by Tom Gardiner at the bandstand in Levengrove Park, Dumbarton. It reminded me of After the Ball, that wonderful Frances Black song, written by Julie London. Here are the lyrics:

A little maiden climbed an old man’s knee
Begs for a story – “Do, uncle, please!”
Why are you lonely; why do you roam?
Have you no sweetheart; have you no home?”
“I had a sweetheart, long long ago;
Why we were not wed, you soon will know.
List to my story, I’ll tell it all,
I broke her heart then, after the ball.”
After the ball is over,
Just at the break of dawn
After the dance is ended;
And all the stars are gone;
Many’s the heart that’s aching,
If you could read them all;
Many the hopes that’s vanished
After the ball.
Low lights were shining in the big ballroom,
Softly the organ was playing our tune.
There stood my sweetheart, my love, my own –
I wished some water; leave me alone.
When I returned, pet, there stood a man,
Kissing my

Beautiful. The only thing that spoils the photograph it is the hardly visible discarded bottle in the foreground.  The knuckle draggers are always with us. They haven’t gone away you know. Maybe instead of lecturing photographers for legitimately taking photographs in the park, West Dunbartonshire Council’s park rangers – community engagement officers – should be more vigilant about litter louts spoiling the place for the community?

Photograph by Tom Gardiner

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