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Oo, la la. It’s Pancake Tuesday this week before we all get a chance to tighten our belts for Lent. Say what you like about Americans and Canadians and the French, but they have the best pancakes in the world. Stacks of them – with maple syrup or chocolate spread. I picked up this recipe from Dorothy Heaney, my cousin’s wife, in Toronto, who has the reputation for being an excellent cook and a smashing baker. I know what you are going to ask: How much milk do you put in? Well, here’s your answer. Probably a cupful. You can use melted butter, not oil, a little salt and a tbsp of vinegar in the milk.

Here are some of the volunteer pancake makers at St Patrick’s Church in Dumbarton. Left to right: Catherine McErlean, Celia Leitch, Cathie Hannan, Annie Haggerty and Ann Dougan in the apron. Pictures by Bill Heaney

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