Steel knew about sleazebag Cyril Smith’s child abuse activities

By Democrat reporter

Steel David SirSir David Steel, former Liberal leader, former Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and previously joint chair of the Scottish Constitutional Convention, is to be suspended from Lib Dems.

Sir David, right, is a former pupil of Dumbarton Academy and son of the manse, whose father was the Church of Scotland minister at Bridgend Parish Church in West Bridgend, which is now West Kirk.

For 40 years he knew about his fellow Liberal politician, the obese Cyril Smith, who is also a knight, and the child sex allegations made against him.

And he did nothing to report Smith to the authorities.  Sir David denied there was any truth in reports that he was aware of Smith’s activities.

Previously, he angrily dismissed the allegations on BBC Newsnight as “tittle-tattle” and “scurrilous hear-say”.

Now the public know he knew and weekend newspaper coverage of the scandal has predicted his public reputation will never recover.

Steele and SmithCongratulations have been pouring in to Private Eye, the satirical but serious magazine,which broke the story and has been pursuing him on this for years.  Paul Benedict Henderson said on social media that Sir David had given a shocking explanation of his reasoning for keeping quiet.

Moira Quinn added: “Another politician involved in yet another cover-up. Westminster is/has been one den of iniquity. Plus, ca change.”

Emma Mykytyn said: “Shocking. He seemed like one of the good guys. [This] shows you can’t trust any one of them.”

And Alison McCormack said – “absolutely disgraceful, he should definitely be stripped of any so called ‘honours’.”

Mary G McBride asked: “When will politicians stop overlooking deviant behaviour within their colleagues and excusing the inexcusable?

“David Steele, by this admission, has quite rightly ruined his reputation and undermined over 40 years of achievements. So sad tonight for the children he failed to protect.”

Bronwyn Jones replied: “Deviant behaviour is all through society. It is only when the light of exposure shines on it that people worry. It has gone on for years. Sad? Mary, why aren’t you furious. I am.”

Kevin Mitchell said: “To know and do nothing is unforgivable. His reputation – I care not a shit about.

“The children who could have been protected from this evil piece of an excuse for a human being [Smith] should be our concern.

Alec Finlay pointed out: “It is interesting that Smith was a councillor for another party when this happened (Labour), and that many people in authority knew.

“I think we tend to target individuals to blame these days. Surely a number of individuals are responsible here?

“And surely there are as many questions to be asked about journalists, given only two seem to have written the story at the time?”

Meanwhile, Tory politician, Boris Johnson, was asked about policing and historic child sex abuse cases.

His reply was: “I don’t think it is particularly useful for the Police to go ‘spaffing’ millions of pounds investigating historic cases of 30 plus years, when the resources can be utilised on more useful policing”.

Timothy Close said: “Being a complete idiot and a tool for the capitalist ruling class are qualifications to be a great PM.”

Ann Edmonds added: “Just looked it up! He should be reported for this [by the Speaker] especially as Mhairi Black [the Paisley SNP MP] was criticised for using the Glasgow slang word riddy.

“Trust a privately educated old Etonian to know AND publicly use a word like that! Vile, pompous git.”

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