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   The new gates at the Clydeshore Road entrance to Levengrove Park in Dumbarton.

Tom Gardiner took these pictures. Water wonderful job they have done with the gates and the fountain at Levengrove Park. The park is recovering from the austerity assault made on it by West Dunbartonshire Council when they thought wrongly it would be a good idea to stop cutting grass and planting flowers. Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund who came up with £3 million, local people and visitors to the area will be able to walk in the park and enjoy a stroll on the rolling lawns along with the views of Dumbarton Rock and the River Clyde. You can also now enjoy a warm comforting drink in the cafe and a cooling beverage when it gets warmer. If the people had not protested loudly, the Council would not have done the U-turn they did and the park would have spiralled into sad neglect. Words by Bill Heaney with main pictures by Tom Gardiner

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