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West Dunbartonshire Council is relaunching its Gull Control Service from 1 May 2019 in an attempt to reduce the problems of gull nuisance on domestic properties during the annual breeding season.

The service provides residents with assistance to disrupt gulls breeding behaviour by removing nests and eggs and introducing proofing measures such as spikes and wires to prevent the birds from returning.

Any nest found to contain live chicks will not however be disturbed.

Gulls begin  breeding in April and commence building  their nests from early May onwards  after which they lay their eggs . It takes around three weeks for the eggs to hatch so the first chicks are generally seen around the beginning of June. The chicks grow quickly but generally do not leave the nest for five to six weeks and are quite active. It is during this active phase that adult Gulls become aggressive towards people passing near a nest or fallen chick. Picture below by Bill Heaney

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If you have a problem with gulls nesting on your property and wish to access the Councils service then please request the service online at

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  1. Never mind the seasonal noisy aggressive gulls, what about sorting out the year round disease ridden manky pigeons at Dumbarton East !

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