Why can’t we learn new things?

NINTCHDBPICT000416791681My 11 year-old grandson, Elliott, who lives in Hampshire, has just sat his SATS papers. For some time he was up to high doh about this, but relaxed in the end, and has no doubt done very well. However, he commented about it as follows, in approximately these words:
“Why do we have to do this? Why can’t we learn new things?”
And he is right. The extent of educational performance measurement, often with little or no benefit to the individual learner is becoming like a sort of cancer at the heart of modern school education. It breeds a sense of arrogant superiority in the super-confident minority, worry and anxiety in the sensitive and conscientious, potentially leading to “under performance”, and shoulder-shrugging indifference and cynicism in those who, sadly, couldn’t care less.
ALL political parties in power are guilty.
OK, we need to assess capability some of the time, but let’s consign those school league tables and comparative achievement statistics, including the ludicrous international comparisons, to a big dodgy statistics bin, and light a match!

Arthur Jones,  Dumbarton

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