Democrat editor Bill Heaney was a mature student at Strathclyde University.

By Bill Heaney

Did you buy your university books from John Smith’s Glasgow on Cathedral Street? Or Glasgow University or the old shop in St Vincent Street?

It’s the end of an era for the Cathedral Street bookshop which is moving to an online service.

But it’s open until the end of this month if you’d like to pay a visit for old times’ sake.

The news has brought back a rush of memories amongst former student who claim Strathclyde University as their alma mater.

Sheila Calder said: “Always loved the beautiful Art Nouveau doors you walked through to find such treasures of books.”

John Macnicol was filled with nostalgia: “I remember the old John Smith’s bookshop from the 70’s.

“It was a brilliant bookstore and very helpful and I am so grateful to the staff.

“Some of my best memories where browsing the bookstore.”

Jen McGinlay said: “My oracle. Practically lived in that building, upstairs in the library.

Fond memories of Uni days which, at the time, felt like they’d never end.”

And Lyn Williamson said: “Still have a lot of books from there. Loved to browse, sad that it’s shutting.”

It wasn’t just books that John Smith’s sold though.

Hermine Mbiku said: “I used to love the pen bundles with all those lovely highlighters and I bought them nearly every term. ️ I also bought law books.”

Fazeela Ashraf commented: “Aww. I loved that wee shop, I would get my books and stationary from it.”

Bon Kahui added: “How I wish to pay a visit but I am thousand miles away from Scotland.”

Amelia Pasch said: “I studied Law and spent almost half my grant on the books.”

Jean Douglas added: “I just loved shopping there. This is really the end of an era.”

Hold on however. John Smith’s had this to say about the situation which takes some of the disappointment out of what’s happening.

Their spokesperson soothed: “If it helps, the bookshop at the University of Glasgow will remain open and if you need any books for your courses, and they are not in stock, we would be happy to order them.

“Alternatively the online shop will be available. We’ll pass on your very kind messages to the shop. It is, indeed, the end of an era.”









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