Image may contain: Stew-art Filshie, sitting and outdoor

Stewart Filshie looking well laid back on his wonder gig.

By Bill Heaney

G’day folks. This guy’s picture was taken in Australia. He comes from Milton in Dumbarton though, on the side of Dumbuck Hill and at Cardross Mains Farm,  and has a very familiar name for that part of the world. He is Stewart Filshie, a librarian, who has been spending some of his Down Under time writing a book about his Scottish relatives. I’ve had a sneak preview of  the first draft, and I have to say it is interesting, informative and entertaining. You may have gathered from the picture above that Stewart is a tiny bit eccentric, but who’s normal? Stewart has been using his gig to make a few bob on the side. His pal, Jeremy Anderson, said: “ It will be great to see you operating again . This will be perfect in Summer and would fit well with the new inner city opening up . It would be great for a tour through Botanic gardens, Mona gardens and Riccarton bush.”  I am certain it would, although I am not sure what the locals would think in Dumbarton. Another friend of Stewart’s, Lesley Alyson Campbell, said: “ Fabulous! The family must love it!” I am sure they do, mate.

Forebears – the Filshie family at Cardross Mains Farm in the hills above West Dumbarton, where they lived at that time.

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