Letter to the Editor

Bollan unions 2.jpg 3Dear Editor,

I have just been informed by Police Scotland that due to the lack of evidence they will not be proceeding any further with the fraud & corruption allegations against the three senior Council Officers of West Dunbartonshire, brought by a whistleblower.

I would like to thank the Police officers involved in investigating this case for their diligence and professionalism, values which have not been evident from the Council establishment.

While I am disappointed that the Police are unable to press the case further, I am not completely surprised at this outcome. Even with what I believe to be quality evidence in a paper trail, it was always going to be difficult to get a case to Court where you have to lead the “best evidence”.

What this case has uncovered though is that in every Department of the Council, Procurement & Financial Council Rules & Regulations have deliberately been broken on an industrial scale over a number of years costing the Council Taxpayer an incalculable amount of money according to Audit Scotland while the CEO and the Senior Management Team knew this was happening and condoned it, making them complicit in my opinion.

The SNP administration needs to deal with this situation urgently as the public will have no confidence in a Council or a style of management that allows this wrongdoing to happen.

Jim Bollan.

Community Party.

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