Helensburgh Pier and pool Robert Ryan

Helensburgh Pier looking back to Doon the Watter days.

By Stef Lach

Helensburgh Pier could play a key part in delivering the town’s waterfront development successfully.

The contractor appointed to deliver the £18million project will, if required, have access to the pier for project-related uses such as receiving supplies.

Progress has been made in raising understanding in the construction industry of the project’s requirements, with a number of potential bidders responding to the initial tender issued by Argyll and Bute Council.

However, complex projects like the waterfront development must follow strict procurement processes and in this instance the council has identified that an inadvertent technical breach occurred in the initial response it received to the tender. Therefore the council will re-launch the tender process.

As well as ensuring legal compliance, this next tender will include the option of using Helensburgh pier to deliver the new leisure centre and swimming pool development effectively.

Mulvaney.jpg 2
Gary Mulvaney

While progressing the re-tender process will temporarily pause construction of the waterfront development, it will allow the council to focus resources on putting into action the £85,000 investment agreed for Helensburgh’s pier at the council meeting of Thursday 27 June.

The pier is one of the projects across Argyll and Bute that will benefit from an allocation of £1.2 million from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Fund. The council agreed that £85,000 should be invested in pedestrian access enhancements at the pier.

Councillor Gary Mulvaney, Policy Lead for Strategic Finance and Capital Regeneration Programme, said: “The old chestnut, that no good deed goes unpunished, seems to perfectly illustrate this situation. The procurement rules are complex and strict to ensure a fair process for all. Having taken legal advice, the lowest risk approach is to re-set the tender process and start again. Not ideal, but better than a challenge later.

“On a positive note, council officers will be able to focus on developing details of the £85,000 investment in the pier. We know this matters to local people and look forward to work beginning on it.”

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