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Cllr Jim Bollan,  Community Party

Alarming news for elderly, sick, disabled and lonely people

Dear Editor,

After the public furore over the 100% increase in the cost of the life-saving Alert Alarm System for the elderly, sick and disabled residents brought in by the local SNP Council, I am now receiving complaints from service users of the Daycare service about the letters currently dropping through their letterboxes advising of an increase from £6 per day to £10 a day, an increase of 66% per day for this service which is another scandalous attack on a vulnerable section of our community who are least able to fight back.

It also appears from the wording in the letters I have seen that the client will be invoiced a year in advance and will need to pay up front for the full year!

While the SNP Council, on the one hand, talks about tackling loneliness amongst the elderly, they introduce these punitive upfront charges which result in fewer people being able to access this service, where loneliness can be combated by meeting others in the daycare centres at Crosslet House, Frank Downie and the Queen Mary Centre.

The 100% increase for the Alert Alarm system wiped out any state pension increase senior citizens received, this increase will now mean many will be worse off and have to choose between heating and eating.

Instead of implementing Tory cuts the SNP Council should be resisting them and challenging the Tories to properly fund these vital services for some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Jim Bollan

Community Party.



  1. How about.. voting for independence and we can properly tackle its instead of trying to mitigate Tory policy ..

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