Dear Editor,

More scandalous allegations of corruption within West Dunbartonshire Council  along similar lines to the recent Roads & Greenspace corruption case where six Council officers were cleared due to having effectively been handed a “free get out of jail card” by the CEO, Mrs [Joyce] White, and her senior management team because they knew for years and condoned the officers deliberate breaching of Financial Regulations and Council Procurement policies meant to safeguard the public purse.

These latest revelations of free Contractor Hospitality, Direct Conflicts of Interest, no Tenders being sought for work and manipulating the specification on a contract worth £280,000 in favour of one contractor along with £71,000 worth of free Leisure Club memberships being handed out by officers PLUS lying under investigation by Internal Audit is another example of how rotten and corrupt WDC has become. Again this was swept under the carpet and covered up away from the prying eyes of the press and public.

When the Leisure Trust was set up, my ex-colleague Cllr George Black and I were the only two Councillors who voted against setting up a private arms-length company who are spending millions of public money with no management oversight or proper local scrutiny as the press and public are barred from attending their board meetings which are held in private. This department was under the control of Mr [Ronald] Dinnie who recently retired from WDC.

This is another wake-up call for the SNP administration who need to take decisive action now to begin to cleanse the Council of this type of immoral activity.


Jim Bollan, Community Party.

  • The press do not “pry”. They investigate matters such as this on behalf of the public. That is why WDC have banned us from asking questions. Editor

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