Bruce Biddulph
Actor William Bruce Biddulph.
After the preview in Alexandria on Tuesday of next week, as a civic ‘thank you’ to the Vale, the production moves on next to Gartocharn….

Albany Lennox Productions Presents 
Peter Arnott’s blistering stage play

The Inquisitor

Saturday evening, 3rd August 
Kilmaronock Millennium Hall, GARTOCHARN 
3rd August 2019

DOORS OPEN 6.30pm – Tickets: £7.50

This is one of the most technically challenging pieces ever written for stage, by Glasgow playwright Peter Arnott, and the one-man performance is a tour de force, in many ways, for the actor Wm Bruce Biddulph who has exclusively performed this on his tour from the Vale of Leven, and Helensburgh and now brings it to the people of Gartocharn, a place dear to the heart of the performer, as his working life started here back in the late 1970s.

An intense piece, this invites you right into the most terrifying of spaces, the silence of an interrogation room where the unseen ‘prisoner’ is given every chance to speak, but to the detriment of the Inquisitor himself, who challenges the prisoner, himself, and us all, to look at the questions of our condition in a blaze and torrent of exquisite language and dexterity, as well as a nightmare of descent to self-doubt, and begs the question…who is speaking to who in this other world…

Tickets available on the night at the door. 
You can also contact Wm Bruce directly via FB at:

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