Lennox Heritage Society

Whale caught in Dumbarton near Brucehill on June 21 1905

Provisional programme for new season:

18th September
Alasdair Eckersall
Maps of the known archaeology we have in the area around Ben Lomond, and trying to flesh out what we know about the place-names and meanings, and what these might tell us about some of the deeper history or the area.
16th October
Gwen Jones-Edwards
20th November
James Scullion
1306 – An Eventful Year for Robert the Bruce His Time as a Fugitive in Lennox.
18th December
Dave Carson
Scotland’s Forgotten Greats : Some of the men and women who achieved great things but are now largely forgotten
15th January
Kenneth Brophy
Revealing the Cochno Stone
19th February
Stuart Noble
Tracing your Scottish family tree
18th March
Paul Hunter + Sarah Crome
Bruce’s Manor House
? April 2020 TBC
Jeremy Watson
History in my Genes? Jeremy’s genealogical links across several countries and centuries to places and times with surprising results

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