Johnson must now be held to account


UNISON members in Dumbarton have come out in support of demands to make the new Prime Minister stand over the promises he made in the run-up to his election to Downing Street.

Commenting on the result of the Conservative leadership election UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

“Boris Johnson has spent the past few months talking up a no-deal Brexit that would be catastrophic for public services. But after a decade of austerity, those services can’t afford the shock that crashing out of Europe without a deal would cause.

“Every single one of us must now hold Johnson to his promises – especially the infamous £350 million a week for the NHS. The time for talk is over, our beleaguered public services – particularly social care – demand serious and urgent attention.

“Prime ministers should be elected by the whole country, not an out of touch few. If Boris Johnson really believes he’s ready to lead the country, he should call a general election.”

Registered with SSSC? – Don’t leave it too late to join UNISON

SSSC newsletter
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The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Newsletter has reminded people “Don’t leave it too late to join a union” as it reports that only 40% of people in 400 hearings had representation. (Join UNISON here)

The newsletter says: “If we are investigating your fitness to practise and you’re facing an SSSC hearing we encourage you to have representation.

“We hear from people who have been through the hearing process that they have tried to join a union so they can have help, but often it is too late to join at that point. We recommend that any worker who has to go through a hearing seeks independent advice about their case and the decisions they need to make.”

UNISON, like most unions, has a qualifying period for representation. Members must have been in membership of the union for at least 4 weeks prior to the incident or occurrence that leads to seeking legal assistance from the union. So don’t leave it too late to join UNISON – Click here to join now!

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