This is the tyranny of fact: there is nowhere in the world where two different customs and/or market regimes have a frontier across which trade flows without checks, controls and infrastructure. But all the energy among the Brexiteers has gone into trying to escape this inescapable reality. … More MIND THE CHASM


Welcome to our 39 newly recruited Midwives   By Bill Heaney The local Health Board have welcomed 39 newly qualified midwives after they completed their midwifery degrees at the University of the West of Scotland. Evelyn Frame, chief midwife, said: “We are delighted to welcome the 39 newly qualified midwives who have joined our current midwifery … More NEW MIDWIVES WELCOMES TO LOCAL HOSPITALS


Passionate about opera and a keen member of Dumbarton operatic society, Guido often performed in many of their productions.  He loved to tell the story about the time he and a few friends from Dumbarton hitchhiked to Milan to hear their old neighbour, David Ward, now a famous opera singer, sing at the Scala in Milan.  Davey was amazed to see them when they surprised him at the stage door on opening night and proceeded to take them to celebratory parties all over Milan. … More OBITUARY