East Enders unhappy at ‘leaves on line’ excuse for Balloch train cancellations

Scotrail boss Alex Hynes and Jackie Baillie MSP.

By Democrat reporter

Jackie Baillie MSP has written to Alex Hynes, the Managing Director of Scotrail/Abellio to express her anger about the cancellation of a number of morning services which run between Dumbarton East and Balloch.

The cancellation of the 09.18 and 09.48 services from Dumbarton East to Balloch came as a surprise to commuters who were not given any notice of the change.

These services are to remain cancelled until December. The excuse given by Scotrail officials for the cancellation was due to “leaves falling on the line”.

Jackie is yet to receive a response from Mr. Hynes but has been contacted by a number of constituents who have shared their concerns over the cancelled train services.

Jackie has also noted that Network Rail have undertaken significant tree and vegetation removal along the length of the railway line to minimise the problems caused by leaves falling so fails to understand why these services are cancelled.

Jackie said:  “It is ridiculous that Scotrail/Abellio think it is acceptable to completely cancel not one but two rail services that are relied on by many of my constituents who use the services to get to work. If Scotrail is worried about leaves on the line, it should take steps to remove them.

“Cancelling services completely is not the answer and it has only led to significant disruption to the day to day lives of my constituents. This fiasco is the latest in a long line of failings at the hand of Scotrail.

“After more than a year of delays and cancellations, and now short formed trains re-appearing on the Helensburgh peak time services, Scotrail/Abellio continues to let down my constituents. Local people deserve a far better, more reliable service and it is time for Scotrail/Abellio to go.”


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