Rivals called for the party to expel Jean McClungSNP councillor blames secret service for Mackay stitch-up

AN SNP councillor has ranted that Derek Mackay’s hounding of a teenage schoolboy was “probably a ‘honey trap’ set by the British establishment” to scupper independence.

Rivals called for the party to expel Jean McClung after she suggested the 16-year-old lad was linked to a secret plot to derail the Yes movement.

Sharing her conspiracy theory on Facebook, Ms McClung, pictured above, who represents Saltcoats in North Ayrshire, said of Mackay: “Stupid man! Probably a ‘honey trap’ set by the British establishment and he has walked right into it!

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“Feel so sorry for the child caught up in it all.  What is wrong with these men in powerful positions?”

She told a user who commented on her post: “The whole thing just depresses me as it indicates what I have long suspected — the British Establishment will do ANYTHING to deny Scotland her freedom!”




Derek Mackay and Annie Wells.

The Scottish Sun exclusively revealed that:

  • SNP Finance Secretary Derek Mackay bombarded schoolboy, 16, with creepy texts and called him ‘cute’ despite knowing his age
  • The teen was “grossed out” by Mackay’s compliments and worried when urged to keep the chats secret
  • He felt forced to make up lies to avoid a face-to-face encounter with the powerful MSP who was tipped as the next First Minister
  • A leading child abuse expert warned the messages ‘should be probed by cops’ and may show ‘patterns’ of inappropriate behaviour
  • Mackay sensationally QUIT and apologised, taking “full responsibility” for his “foolish actions”

Tory MSP Annie Wells said: “The very suggestion of this being a conspiracy is as offensive as it is ludicrous. The only person responsible for this situation is Derek Mackay.”

Meanwhile, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today urged the Scottish Parliament’s standards committee to reconsider introducing measures to allow constituents to recall MSPs.

The UK Parliament passed legislation applying to the recall of MPs in 2015. In March 2018, Mr Rennie gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s standards committee urging them to act. However, the committee rejected the measure.

Willie Rennie said:  “I was disappointed the proposal I made for recall was rejected by the standards committee.  There is merit in looking at this again. It is an ongoing issue and we shouldn’t let it drop.

“I want MSPs to know that serious and harmful behaviour could lead to the ultimate sanction of them losing their job.

“At the moment voters are helpless when faced with unacceptable conduct such as Derek Mackay using the offer of parliamentary receptions to try to befriend a teenager.”

There has been inevitable criticism of tartan-clad Ms McClung’s comments on Facebook:

Derek Mackay and Jean McClung – under fire on Facebook.
“Loonballs” is what one man has said “these folk really are cream crackers!” … “I despair” … “Nutters” … “Predatory behaviour, what message does “honey trap” send out to vulnerable young people, don’t speak out or the tables turned on you. Absolutely requires full investigation and action taken as and when required” …was wondering how long it would be before some loon came up with a conspiracy theory… “this woman should be suspended. She is basically advocating predatory behaviour and victim blaming” … “Mad as hatters” … “Said Councillor is from Saltcoats. NAC SNP group have put out a statement saying she has apologised, but not to whom. She, herself, has made no statement. NAC Labour has called for her to make a public apology to the boy involved”.

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