SNP mocked for suggesting bill could prompt tampon trafficking

The Scottish Government’s communities boss Aileen Campbell, right,  told the committee in the letter that the government had “grave concerns” about the bill, proposed by Labour MSP Monica Lennon.

As well as raising concerns about cost, Campbell suggested the scheme would have to look to prevent a black market in period products.

“We can envisage that such a provision could be to prevent people outside Scotland seeking access to the products or people accessing them to sell at a discounted rate outside Scotland,” she said.

Mocking the suggestion, one Twitter user, Laura Doherty, said: “I’m setting up a network of contacts in the North East and we’re gonna swap cheap booze for free sanitary products to offset the costs of Minimum Pricing. Mooncups 4 Moonshine. Tampons for Tennent’s. Pads for PBR.”


  1. Can’t quite imagine sanitary products being trafficked across the border into England.

    Sanitary products are not quite cocaine, smack or a bit of blow and it beggars belief that Aileen Campbell could believe that providing sanitary products to menstruating girls would turn into an international smuggling business.

    But there you are the minister knows best.

  2. In fact, one has to wonder what planet Aileen Campbell is living on. Don’t want to be pejorative but is this the standard of minister that we will have to come to expect.

    Get on with the day job girl. That’s what you’re getting paid for.

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