Cllr Douglas McAllister and Dalmuir Municipal Golf Course.

By Bill Heaney

Golfers will have to stop jouking on to Dalmuir Golf Course if it is to remain one of the few municipal golf courses left in the West of Scotland.

West Dunbartonshire Council have agreed to keep the course open if members agree to pay an increase in fees.

Labour’s Cllr Douglas McAllister  was to the fore in the campaign to keep open the rolling fairways, which run uphill alongside Mount Blow Road.

The Council employees running the course, which hosts a big ProAm each year, will have to ensure everyone using the course pays their way.

“There has to be no more jouking on at the second tee,” an SNP councillor said.

Meanwhile, two West Dunbartonshire Council employees were left with severe injuries – including a spinal fracture – after the council failed to comply with health and safety regulations.

The local authority has received an £8,000 fine after the two workers were thrown from a vehicle that didn’t have seatbelts, roll-over protection or a risk assessment carried out.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court, the council pleaded guilty to two health and safety breaches following the accident at Dalmuir Golf Course in July 2018.

Both injured workmen have been declared fit and returned to their work.

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  1. As a statutory body with responsibilities for public health and safety, and having its own Health and Safety officers empowered to prosecute Health and Safety breaches by local businesses such as shops, offices and the like it’s somewhat concerning that the Council got fined £8,000 by the Sheriff Court for serious health and safety failings causing worker injury.

    Makes you wonder what else the Council have been turning a blind eye to when the guardian can’t guard itself – and clearly this incident would never have come to light save that the Authority had to file a RIDDOR to HM’s Health and Safety Executive.

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