Holyrood parliament building

Gerry Hassan has written this opinion piece in the Scottish Review: This divergence between two different Scotlands has become associated with positioning on the timing of a future indyref. The radicals want a vote as soon as possible while the British state is in disarray. The more cautious want to leave a vote until they can be sure they can win.

This appears a disagreement over process, but in the absence of a wider, substantive debate, it has become the only real conflict. This is a reflection of the limited politics of the SNP leadership and how, with the passing of time, they have become more obvious to everyone – from the bulk of the SNP to its political opponents in Scotland and Westminster.

Scotland does not win independence by default or by the UK just simply imploding. The SNP has changed Scotland and brought independence out of the cold and into the mainstream. But by so doing it has been changed and has become like the establishment forces it used to detest.

Scotland, the politics of independence and the future of this nation need more than a contest between two philistine, defensive nationalisms – Scottish and British – and we deserve and have to demand more than two competing conservative versions of insider politics. Read the full article FREE here:

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