Rennie Willie

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie asks for more for schoolchildren.

By Democrat reporter

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today called on the Scottish Government to ensure children on free school meals will continue to receive vouchers over the Easter holidays. 

The call follows confirmation from the Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Minister, Kirsty Williams, that children in Wales will also be offered free school meals during the break.

Mr Rennie said: “Pupils on free school meals are some of the most vulnerable in our society and often rely on schools to provide their meals. With families struggling at this difficult time there is a real concern these children could go hungry. 

“The Liberal Democrats in Wales are leading the way on this issue with Welsh Liberal Democrat Education Minister, Kirsty Williams confirming that children in Wales will also be offered free school meals during the break.

“The Scottish Government should now follow suit and ensure money is available for this to happen right across the whole of the Scotland.”

BREAKING NEWS: The Government announced on Friday that the school meals service will continue through the Easter holidays.

This was welcomed by Willie Rennie, who said: “I’m delighted that the Scottish Government are guaranteeing there will be food on the table for the children who need it most.

“Councils are already planning to do this a variety of different ways. It will be essential that every eligible child is supported and no one is allowed to slip through the cracks.

“The Scottish Government will also have to ensure that councils have the support and resources they need to deliver the extra meals at this time of national crisis.”

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